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„... a small music revelation...“

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Nadine Jeanne & Ugetsu

We would like to invite you to journey with Nadine Jeanne & Ugetsu. Based in Munich but with vivid heritage and background; constant travellers (especially mind travellers ;-) to discover and experience music, stories, art, people, life in good days and bad days. Singer and Songwriter Nadine Jeanne has been working with Guitarist Florian Perfler for more than 10 years. Throughout their work, they always seek for cooperation with various musicians and artists to add different colours to their music.
In consequence, concerts with Nadine Jeanne & Ugetsu are radiant and full of surprises. But as Frank Zappa noticed very wisely: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” We therefore friendly request to explore the music yourself or even better, join us live in concert. Enjoy!

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New Album "Wonderland"

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’ s whimsical journey through the myths and miracles of life, Wonderland, Ugetsu’s new album, is a captivating combination of the old and new. Their original songs refer to classical concepts in recording & arrangements but also combine, in a fresh and unusual way, musical genres and poetic languages. One of their all time favorite jazz standards, My Funny Valentine, is also on the album. Grounded in the traditions of jazz, but passionate about the powerful role storytelling plays in music, Ugetsu’s Nadine and Florian explore the shape and depth of their songs and reach beyond the typical genres and categories. Wonderland enfolds in 19 songs. Each song is a tale with it’s unique color and form: sometimes in an intimate improvisational language of a duo or in a powerful epic of eleven musicians, and in other times in a short anecdote or a detailed panoramic narrative. Stories are all around us. They move us alive and inspire us. Therefore, Ugetsu Wonderland is an album full of musical surprises and discoveries.
Ugetsu Wonderland is an album full of musical surprises and discoveries. 


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Nadine Jeanne Germann und Florian Perfler from Ugetsu play one of there songs

What does Ugetsu Mean?

Ugetsu means fantasy,
Art Blakey said during a concert.
Ugetsu is an ancient mystery.
It means stories under a moon of rain,
said a Japanese friend.
It means new moon, explains a Chinese friend.
Ugetsu suits us, we thought.
A guitar and a voice.
Sometimes the floating chords of a piano
The Great American Songbook.
From time-to-time a popular song?
Our own compositions and arrangements
... improvisation ... JAZZ!
Or, something else?
Spontaneous and alive,
Maybe blue in green?
Only for one moment or eternity?
Fun & joy and sometimes
a bit of rain under the moon?
but always new!
Rhythm for sure
And imagination!
Every once in a while a saxophone
joins the dialogue or a bass
and sometimes more and more
storytellers from everywhere
with high or low voices …
The conversation is open for everyone.


Ugetsu Music
Mainzerstr. 22
80804 München

T: +49 177 5157635